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  • Spinner Drive - One Screwdriver, Infinite Possibilities
    6 May, 2019

      $ .

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    • Fine & Precise Adjustments

      The ball bearing installed in the top piece of the screwdriver handle provides a buttery smooth swivel action, allowing a fast twist rotation. Designed to quickly tighten loose screws with just your finger strength. The dimple on top allows you to rest your index finger and let the rest of the fingers do the spinning. This is vital when making fine adjustments and working on delicate parts and tiny screws that require high accuracy and precise handling.

    • Better Grip, Faster Spin

      The CNC Machined slip-resistant grooves on the screwdriver body provide better handling and prevent it from rolling away at the workplace.

    • Torque Maximized Spinner Wheel

      Torque is the force applied times the distance from the axis you are rotating about. With the inclusion of our spinner wheel, the diameter of the handle is increased, thus allowing more torque to be generated. In the same compact footprint, you'll be able to produce a lot more force compare to traditional screwdrivers of similar sizes. Compared to T-Handle screwdriver, the spinner drive has the upper hand in terms of rotation speed. Ideal for repairing larger pieces like furniture, bicycle, home appliances, etc.

    • Swap Bits At Your Fingertips

      Changing between bits has never been easier. The built-in magnet allows a crisp snap-in action when inserting or replacing bits, which by the way, is one hand operable.

    • Compact Carrying Case

      Includes a high-quality EVA case with precise foam cutouts for better protection and portability.

    • Designer

    • mininch is derived from “mini-inch” (the same pronunciation), we aim to make all our products perfectly exquisite & sophisticated in every inch, and every detail.
      All mininch key members have great credentials with complimentary expertise in design, marketing, manufacturing, & project management; also won a number of awards including 2013 iF product design award & 2012 Red Dot design concept award. By leveraging everyone's profession & experience, we create good designs for improved lifestyles, moving from concept to production.
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