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  • Hoverpen - The executive pen that defies gravity
    5 May, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Freestanding magic

      The Hoverpen is the world's first vertically standing, gravity-defying pen. The Hoverpen's innovative pedestal creates a magnetic field keep it perfectly balanced. No batteries, no electronics, just pure design innovation. The Hoverpen will stand tall and elegant forever as a eye-catching centerpiece of your office desk.

    • Mesmerizing motion

      Because of the Hoverpen's perfect balance, it spins frictionlessly with a gentle twist. The pens spinning motion is hypnotic. Take a moment to reflect as the pen rapidly turns, and let it's mesmerizing motion fill you new inspiration.

    • Magnetic cap

      A fully magnetic cap opens up the options for trick shots and fidgeting. Just bring the cap into the pen shaft's magnetic field and they connect, just like magic.

    • Smooth ink flow

      Made from top-grade free-flowing ink, the Hoverpen offers an easy-glide writing experience. A premium Swiss-made ballpoint cartridge gives everyone from artists, to engineers, to financiers the dependability they need to crush the workday.

    • Ink Refill Compatibility

      Designed for quick and easy reloads, the Hoverpen may be the last pen you'll ever buy. Compatible with any Cross brand refill ink cartridges, you won't need to depend on any specialized retailers to get a quick refill. The ink cartridges that come with the Hoverpen are made in Switzerland, high quality and screw-capped, meaning they're easy to remove and stay solidly fixed inside the pen shaft, no matter how vigorously you use your Hoverpen.

    • Designer

    • Shanpo was founded by David Liang and Wei, who were friends and classmates since kindergarten.
      David majored in physics in university and studied business management in graduate school. Science always fascinated David. However, compared to academic study, he was more passionate about designing unique products that had a bit of mystery to them. Wei is the industrial designer. All the visual elements of our products and brand are designed by Wei.
      We want to inspire a childlike innocence, creating unique and interesting products with entirely novel experiences for grown-ups.
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