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  • Tidashi 2.0 - a titanium mini knife
    Sander Bakker - SplinterSeed
    25 April, 2019

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    Funding target
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    • Japanese inspired design

      The shape and name of the Tidashi is derived from a traditional Japanese utility knife, called Kiridashi-Kogatana; a design recognized by its long handle and short cutting edge. In Japan this tool is still relied upon for making accurate cuts or markings on wood.

    • Silicone Sheath

      A redesigned and more substantial silicone sheath provides just the right amount of friction for securely holding and releasing the Tidashi. It also allows for the use of larger diameter paracord and keyrings, both of which are included. It is still made from the same long lasting silicone material which has held my personal original Tidashi for all these years.

    • Cut from grade 5 titanium

      Tidashi 2.0 is cut from grade 5 titanium, known for its toughness and corrosion resistance. It is often used in diving knives, as it is lighter than steel and able to resist even the harsh environment of salt water. The fact that this particular alloy lends itself to easy sharpening is something that I have found useful, but not essential to the Tidashi design. It is not a tool for slicing tomatoes. The blade length is simply too short for that. Its forte lies in puncturing and shallow cuts, as done when opening packages.

    • Always with you

      Its biggest strength, as with any tool, is the fact that its size allows you to have it on you when you need it.

    • Designers

    • The seed symbolizes an idea. At SplinterSeed we believe in these seeds sprouting in the minds of talented newcomers to the field of design. We like to see our platform as a fertile patch of soil to stimulate the growth of those unique ideas, and bring them to fruition.
      SplinterSeed was conceived in 2010 by Dutch designer Sander Bakker as a platform to launch some of his cross-disciplinary projects. An academic background in sound design (Dutch Film Academy, Amsterdam) and architecture (UC Los Angeles) demonstrates his broad interests. He has done lighting design for the Royal Dutch Ballet, and exhibition design for Tate Galleries in London UK.
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