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  • ROBOQI 2.0 - The World's First AI Smart Wireless Car Mount
    22 April, 2019

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    • The World's First AI Smart Wireless Car Mount

      ROBOQI 2.0 Alexa is the World's First AI Wireless Car Mount with Amazon Alexa built-in. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and intelligently controls your music, maps, callings, and messages with just your voice meanwhile charging your phone. Put your smartphone on ROBOQI and say 'Alexa, play funky music' or 'Alexa, navigate home', and ROBOQI’s AI will do the rest, playing sound through your car's stereo.

    • Smartphone Mounting Device

      A cutting-edge smartphone mounting device, ROBOQI 2.0 features our US patented Hands-Free Snap-and-Go plus Alexa functionality so that whatever you need to do while you are driving, you can do so easily and safely. ROBOQI 2.0 isn't just a car charger: it's a car charger that makes your car smart.

    • What ROBOQI 2.0 Can Do?

      Just ask Alexa to play music, resume your Audible audiobook, check your calendar, find nearby businesses, make calls, and more. With two high performance microphones, ROBOQI 2.0 Alexa even hears you over road noise. ROBOQI 2.0 Alexa starts up in seconds, works through your car speakers, holds your phone firmly and turbo wireless charges it.

    • The Ultimate loT Smart Car with 5000+ Skills

      Using Amazon Alexa's user-friendly, intuitive, voice-recognition system, you can take advantage of more than 50,000+ skills, everything from music to calls to directions to texting to calendars to shopping and beyond. Anything Alexa does, ROBOQI 2.0 can do too.

    • Make Any Car Smart

      ROBOQI 2.0 Alexa can connect all your cars. It connects to cars that support Bluetooth to play music. Older car without Bluetooth? FM Transmitter is built-in ROBOQI 2.0. Just turn on the radio and receive the FM radio station to the same frequency from ROBOQI 2.0.

    • Steam Music & Entertainment

      Through ROBOQI 2.0 Alexa, you can access a vast library of music and streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, NPR, Audible, and SiriusXM. You can also play e-books and podcasts, so no matter how long the drive ahead is, you will never run out of entertainment.

    • Voice Controlled Navigation

      Instead of becoming distracted looking down at your phone for directions, you can let Alexa tell you the way, finding directions based on something near you, a known address, or your GPS location. Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are all compatible with this system.

    • Voice-Initiated Calling

      Make hands-free calls by specifying a contact name or phone number. Your friends and family will be happy to know that they can reach you without endangering you wherever you go and whatever you are doing. ROBOQI is perfect for safe phone calls and voice-to-text messaging.

    • ROBOQI 2.0 APP

      We have designed the ROBOQI app to work intuitively, so once you connect to it, you will be able to get done everything that you need done quickly and efficiently. To connect, you just download the app on any iOS or Android smartphone and log in. You then set your smartphone on the ROBOQI 2.0 car mount. That's all there is to it! From there, it is like there is a person in the car with you, someone who understands what you are asking for and what you need done.

    • Brand

    • InvisibleTech is much more than a brand name. It is the very core of our product vision: making technology invisible. InvisibleTech was founded by Tony Jiang Ph.D from HKUST in 2016. By our innovative designs and new technology, our products can enhance and personalize the way you live with technology.
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