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  • Halfbike - Bridge the gap between man, machine and dance
    22 April, 2019

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    • Bridge the gap between man, machine and dance

      Some say a Halfbike is a fun way to move around town. Or what you'll hop on for a joy ride at the park. Others see it as a wonderful workout tool to train balance, reflexes, endurance and persistence. Yet for most, a Halfbike is a fun choice to explore the world from a new perspective, urging them to go outside and be active. The truth is, there’s more than a single answer to what a Halfbike is and who it is for.

    • Intuitive Control

      We tweaked Halfbike’s geometry and proportions, making it more ergonomic and user friendly. The result is better maneuverability and greatly improved sense of control.

    • Gears

      We added more gears and increased the gear range. This makes the Halfbike better suited to anything a city could throw at it. You can now ride comfortably on an even more diverse terrain. A new state-of-the-art hub by Sturmey Archer makes all this possible.

    • Brakes

      The Halfbike can now stop on a dime and this is a fact! The new integrated drum brakes are pretty much maintenance free and the performance will stay consistent with time, and in all weather conditions.

    • Compact size

      The Halfbike got lighter and more compact, and it is now easier to take it anywhere with you.

    • Foldable

      We added a quick release system for even easier folding. Take it onboard public transit, put it in the trunk of the smallest car or fit it into places too tight for a normal bike.

    • Designers

    • Martin & Mihail are architects and true partners in crime who share a vision for a better world and truly believe less is more. They stay guided by their passion for the outdoors and core belief that we, humans, are born to move. So, when everything becomes too complicated, we need to push hard on that reset button and get our personal time offline.
      Our mission is to inspire people to spend more time offline, back to nature, back to basics. We know the Halfbike can take you there. Are you ready for a new adventure?
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