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  • Alt pen - Minimalist pen + precision tool
    Rotimi Solola
    19 April, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
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    • Quick and easy ink replacement

      Alt pen features a front loaded D1 ink refill, which is held in place by a proprietary magnetic ink retention system made possible by the "pen bit."

    • Compatible with standard precision tool bits

      The pen bit and ink refill can be easily swapped for multiple standard precision tool bits. Employing standard precision tool bits allows you to make use of bits you may already have on hand.

    • Mono-knurl gives a tactile grip

      The Mono-knurl provides a tactile grip that is both ideal for writing and fastening screws.

    • Storage for up to 4 tool bits

      The rear storage holds up to 4 precision tool bits each secured by a magnetic compression cap. The magnetic cap allows the tool bits to be easily removed and also suppresses the tool bits to eliminate rattling noises; this gives you a premium user experience that most similar tools cannot provide.

    • Premium case

      The packaging that Alt pen will ship in also doubles as a premium case for the pen and all its tools. This box is designed to be both durable for shipping and for use as a case to keep all of your tools secured with Alt pen.

    • Designer

    • Rotimi Solola is an award winning Chicago-based industrial design consultant. With experience in both consulting and corporate environments, Rotimi has contributed to the successful launch of multiple products. Solola founded SO design in 2017 and teaches adjunct at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before becoming an independent designer, Solola was on the Motorola Mobility cell phone design team, where he acquired much of his knowledge on bringing products to market. Outside of designing and lecturing, Solola stays involved with the design community by speaking at conferences and judging design competitions.
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