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  • Mr.Watt - the buddy that brightens your day
    Norbert Schlotter, Paige Kaden
    4 April, 2019

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    • Easy to set up

      To help Mr.Watt brighten up your home, simply plug in the adapter on the underside of his head and then gently place it head back onto my body.

    • Simple mechanism direct light

      You can smoothly rotate his head to your preferred position. 360 degree horizontally and 60 degree vertically.

    • On/off by tapping head

      All you have to do is tap his head to turn on the lights. Tap again to turn the lights back off. The capacitive sensor in Mr.Watt’s head recognizes your touch. That means you only have to touch his wooden head, with no need for twisting, turning, or frantically hunting to find the switch.

    • Gently rest hand on head to dim lights

      Try resting your hand on his head and he will either dim or brighten the lights. Mr.Watt also has a very good memory. When you turn him off and back on, he will remember your previous light setting.

    • Designers

    • We are Paige and Norbert two designers with backgrounds in Architecture and
      Occupational Therapy. Throughout our education, we have always focused on
      human interaction, especially with products. We don’t just want to create objects,
      we like to give them meaning. In our view, a product is successful when it casts
      a smile on peoples faces. Our goal is for products to be inviting, interactive, fun,
      and easy to use.
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