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  • airPump | Rechargeable + vacuum | - The world's most compact all-in-one electric air pump!
    28 May, 2019

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    • The world's most compact all-in-one electric air pump!

      This is a portable airPump that can be carried with you. If you find your tires leaking or if you have anything that requires inflating, just reach for the airPump in your pocket. The airPump pumps up your life! The Power Pump also works in reverse, draining air from storage bags and preservation boxes to prevent food from going bad. Two devices for the price of one - the two-in-one Power Pump is capable of injecting and extracting air.

    • Quick pump

      Choose from different accessories based on the inflation requirements of your basketball, bicycle tire, car tire connector, etc. (mark out the air inflation inlet in the picture), and connect them; press and hold the power button until inflation is complete. With a full charge, a regular car tire can be quickly inflated from 2.0 bar to 2.3 bar in 4 minutes (Actual time may vary depending on the size of your tire)!

    • One-click inflation or deflation

      Easy, one-click inflation or deflation that works in hot and cold climates so you can quickly solve problems when they occur, and you never have to spend too much time or energy on inflating or deflating your equipment again!

    • Feel excellent to the touch

      Its exquisite aluminum alloy surface is fine and smooth. The elegant appearance is a marked change from the clunky, industrial look of most traditional air pumps, and it comes with a custom, ergonomic design.

    • Fast charging

      Similar to the method of inflation, simply connect the opening on the pump to the accessory and the item from which you wish to extract air. Press and hold the button to extract air. The easiest and most convenient way to extract air. Type-C charging port with two integrated 1100 mAh lithium batteries; fast charging, leaving you worry-free on the go! Built-in temperature sensor (the device automatic shuts down above 65 degrees) to protect your device.

    • Vacuum Bag

      We have prepared a free vacuum bag for every backer. With the vacuum, there is no need for a machine to seal, no leakage when the temperature is low. It is easy to use and can be Pumped fast. The vacuum bag has QS food certification and patented PE heat sealing valve.

    • Designer

    • I am a sports fanatic myself, and I often cycle and play basketball. Occasionally, I encounter situations where my tire pressure is too low or my basketball is insufficiently inflated, and I have to spend time looking for an air pump, which can be very inconvenient. Traditional air pumps require too much effort and take too long to use, while car air pumps are inconvenient because of their size and the fact that they have to be connected to the cigarette lighter socket.
      Hence, I started designing a product that would address all these problems. And the Power Pump was born.
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