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  • H1- Fan Heater - Warm your whole winter !
    5 December, 2018

      $ .

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    • Small body and big energy

      H1 heater, compact and easy to operate, with high and low temperature as desired. 4 hours automatic shutdown. The machine is designed in such a way that it can avoid forgetting to shut down, which may cause safety hazards and make it safer to use. Small body and big energy, warm your whole winter. Cute, brief and elegant, can be placed on desktop.

    • Switch

      Click the button on the right to open, switch the “+” button to the high temperature. You can change with high and low temperature as desired.

    • Removable filter cotton

      Press the bottom of the back panel to open the filter cover and remove the filter. Clean the filter cotton and wipe the inside of the filter cover with a dry cloth.

    • Air circulation

      The fan uses a very silent brushless DC motor, which is powerful, does not heat up much and does not require any service. The convective air duct is designed in such a way that the wind is consistent and smooth, also ensuring that larger spaces get enough heating and air circulation.

    • Packaging

      Packaging use high quality imported environmentally friendly paper. Warm white packaging is more natural.

    • Brand

    • MUID was founded in 2012 in Xiamen. It keeps design at the heart of the company and is committed to provide high quality and functional products. Currently MUID is focussing on LED products.
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