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  • MUID - Cloud night lamp - Originating from nature, Blending into life
    8 November, 2018

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    • Cloud Shape

      The product itself shaped like a cloud. Inspired by nature, the bottom is specially designed with raindrops, making it easy to place on your desktop. Thanks to its built-in 450mAh polymer battery, it can be used independently from a power source.

    • Magnetic, place anywhere

      Its integrated magnets enable you to adhere it to any metallic surface, and easily unmount it at any time.

    • Intelligent control

      The night light can be set to work in both long and smart modes. Long light mode: The night light stays on the brightest state. Intelligent mode: Either you touch the lamp or make a sound, the light will be activated and turn off by itself after one minute.

    • A safe light source

      The product uses 11 LED SMD lamps as light source which result on low power consumption and long-life time. The lights are soft and bright, not glaring. The high-quality LED produces high color rendering and are closer to natural light.

    • Brand

    • MUID was founded in 2012 in Xiamen. It keeps design at the heart of the company and is committed to provide high quality and functional products. Currently MUID is focussing on LED products.
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