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  • CulCreat Crest-B Roll Down Messenger Bag - When Culture meets Creativity
    20 November, 2018

      $ .

    Funding target
    229 of 300 ( $10800 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Culture & Creative

      CulCreat is derived from the words Culture & Creative. What is Culture for us? For us, in this era, every country and race has its own unique culture. So what is Creative? It is the realisation of an idea, redefining the relationship between things. For us combining traditional crafts, reshaping packaging, and presenting innovative elements to consumers are creativity. Rethinking the traditional use of \"paper\" and creating new applications for it is our \"cultural creation.\"

    • Eco-friendly

      The bag uses naturally degradable, zero-pollution washable kraft paper instead of leather. As fashion trends are developing rapidly we want to use degradable paper, so that we can keep up with the fashion, without polluting the earth.

    • Washable kraft paper

      Washable kraft paper originated from the jeans label behind Levi’s. It’s made of pure natural fiber woven pulp, non-toxic and harmless. It can also contact with food and human skin directly. Washable kraft paper is as thin as paper, but tough as leather, it’s wear-resistant, tear-resistant, washable, iron-able. Especially nearly leathery touch and folds.

    • Strong and portable

      Made with hand from the best quality washable craft paper, strong, tough, durable and very lightweight. Conveniently takes all your food for the day, suitable for school, work and travels. Features a fashionable handle for easy hand carrying and buckle to safeguard its content.

    • Size

      Super easy to wash and maintain, can be washed in water and is also machine washable. Dimension (W x H x D):19cm x 26cm x 11cm

    • Brand: CulCreat

    • Founder: Abu
      Under the opportunity of redemption of old things, he found washed kraft paper behind the jeans, broke the myth of paper, opened the fascination with "paper" and created the brand of CulCreat.
      Designer: Amy
      AMY has always felt that the brand CulCreat is like the city of Shanghai. It can be kept at the forefront of the fashion, and it also can retain the things that have a sense of time. These two seemingly conflicting features are just right in the city of Shanghai. It’s also fully reflected in CulCreat's products.
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