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    • Metal Black Forrest

      Our original verdant moss, with highly developed matt black stainless steel creates a perfect BLACK METAL FORREST collection. It truly illustrates the concept of “merging nature with time” which we have been presenting all along.

    • Ultramarine Stone

      Ultramarine Stone is our new Black Tree Stone collection inspired by midnight sky. We design the new blue case color which scarcely use in a watch industry. Moreover, we select the deep blue strap mixed with the black-grey stone so that our users can sense the new dimension of serenity.

    • Gun Walnut

      GUN WOOD is the creation of passion in earth tone colors. The combination of dark grey stainless steel and genuine leather enhance the remarkable beauty of the deep brown walnut wood. Each piece is also composed of a unique wood pattern so that all the wood fans can’t miss this collection.

    • Designer

    • FORREST's products are all about art and design with a combination between modern minimalistic style and natural materials such as moss, wood, and stone. All of them have been made to be comfortable, simple and relaxing in every moment, and can sense the beauty of nature at the same time.
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