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  • Raindroppr - Pluvio gauge that lifts up when it rains
    Leen Boudt
    13 February, 2019

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    • Lifting experience

      Raindroppr is the first pluvio gauge with a touch of magic! It not only shows very easily how much it has rained but you can also see from far away if it has rained a lot or not because of the lifting inside that floats on the water. It also gives a cosy aesthetic vibe to your garden which an old-fashioned ugly pluvio gauge doesn’t provide.

    • Cosy yet durable

      The Raindroppr is durable and water- & weather repellent. The concrete vase looks great in every garden.

    • Materials

      With the use of Cellulose Acetate (CA) the inner part lifts up easily when it’s raining. The concrete vase makes it heavy so it will stay on its place.

    • Functionality

      The Raindroppr holds up to 40 mm/m2 rain. The amount of rain that falls in your garden can have a significant influence on the growth of your plants. This rain gauge will help you to manage the crops more easily since it indicates the height of water that has fallen over a certain period of time, but it also measures the amount of water that has fallen per m2

    • Designer

    • In most gardens I see a boring or ugly pluvio gauge and I thought to myself this could be much better. Either you have a mega-expensive pluvio gauge or you have some ugly object in your garden.. why not someting that has the best of two worlds ? Good looking, inexpensive and different than any other. The lifting part makes the product fun and speciol. That is why I designed Raindroppr.
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