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  • Pet Fan - Cool your summer with this multi-functional fan
    22 August, 2018

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    Funding target
    178 of 300 ( $9450 ) target
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    • Enjoy the summer with this multi-functional fan

      The pet fan is inspired by a sheep. Its appearance is a unique design that can be used as a desktop fan as well as a handheld fan. It is a lightweight, versatile fan.

    • Handheld and portable

      The hand-held fan weighs about 140 grams (less than a phone!). It is light but powerful. Whether you are travelling, at work or relaxing at home, it is easy to bring with you for that perfect breeze. The fan contains a lithium battery that makes it portable when fully charged.

    • Shaking head

      Insert the fan into its base to use it as a desktop fan. A USB cable connects to the base's tail, powering the fan and allowing the head to shake from the left to the right. Whether you are working indoors, at home, or in a dormitory, you can always enjoy the summer, while having a great conversation piece when family or friends visit you.

    • Adjustable wind-speed

      Pet fan has three speed settings, all controllable with one button. Press once to start the fan and press more to enter the weak, mid-range and strong speed modes. If you press the button for a bit longer, the fan will switch off.

    • Attention to detail

      The bottom of the paws has silicone pads, providing a cushioning effect, removing any vibration and enhancing stability.

    • Designers

    • MUID was founded in 2012 in Xiamen. The brand keeps design at the heart of the company and is committed to provide high quality and functional products. Currently MUID is focussing on LED products.
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