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  • Leisure - A table for playing boardgames or any other entertainment
    Phyllis, Sanru and Elaine
    22 August, 2018

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    • A multi-functional table

      When you sit down to play a game with friends, the unique storage trays located on the table's legs are specifically designed to hold glasses or mugs. The diagonal two-layered shelves can hold your belongings or snacks to satisfy any need.

    • Plenty of storage

      The tabletop can be lifted to reveal ample storage space in the middle of the table, allowing you to store boardgames, cards, or any other stuff you want to keep out of sight.

    • Human-centered design

      In order to add more storage space, the bottom plank extends for 9 centimeters on each side, allowing you to put mobile phones, keys and other small things on it. It is covered with transparent acrylic panels that allow you to check your phones and belongings, or keep your cards out of sight of the other players.

    • Straightforward construction

      The table consists of three materials: metal, wood and acrylic sheets. These materials make it light and easy to assemble.

    • Designers

    • Our team consists of three girls (Phyllis, Sanru and Elaine) and has the motto “simple is beautiful”. We hope our design can help people to solve problem they face in their daily life. Make life better step by step.
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