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  • RIPPLE - A New Experience Of Washing Your Makeup Brushes
    Siqi Xu
    4 July, 2018

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    Funding target
    112 of 200 ( $3980 ) target
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    • New Experience Of Washing Your Makeup Brushes

      Ripple is a portable makeup brush bag. Not only clean your brushes with its unique texture, it also stores them in a compact and elegant way.

    • More Efficient

      You don’t need to wash the brushes one by one anymore. The brush holder part can be taken away and rolled up. This allows you to wash several brushes at the same time.

    • Washing

      The silicone pad can be put into the sink so that you can wash your brushes on it. The pad has a special structure that makes the cleaning process easier.

    • Attachable

      People always worry about not having a place, where they can dry their brushes. The brush holder part of Ripple, can be attached to any flat surface. In this way you can dry all brushes in a more simple and elegant way.

    • Designer

    • I am a product designer who just graduated from Detao University in Shanghai. For me, solving problems we experience in our daily life is a designers’ duty. I believe good designs can change our life and help us to live easier and more comfortable.
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