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  • Closer - Time flows with scent
    Jo gwanghee
    17 May, 2018

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    Funding target
    59 of 200 ( $5000 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Time flows with scents

      Every second of time exists and vanishes at the same time. Every tick of time is original and irreplaceable, that is why time is priceless. Scents follow the same concept as time. We think we can smell a single scent continuosly, but that is just another diffusion of molecules. Closer is inspired by this similarity of time and scent. Combining a clock and diffuser, Closer will provide an everlasting pleasant atmosphere, by optically and olfactory sense with a simple, refined design.

    • Refined Design

      A clock needs to be just a clock, not trying to being something else. It should not be too fancy and distracting. It should blend into its environment. The geometric design of Closer emphasizes this simple principle. Consisting of squares and circles, Closer will remain just a clock, wherever It exists.

    • Two choices

      Closer gives you two choices, white or black. Just two simple basic colors, neither distractive nor distinctive.

    • Fits everywhere

      With refined, simple geometric design and basic color, Closer fits all spaces of your life. At the office, bedroom, study room, everywhere! It doesn't disturb a space's original atmosphere. On the other hand It reinforces original feelings with its virtues.

    • Easy to compose

      Thanks to its simple structure, you can stack it within seconds, and the other way around. You can easily DIY it by pouring in a scented liquid that you like. Create your one and only!

    • Designer

    • Currently I am studying Industrial Product Design in South Korea. Design is a powerful method of communication around the world. I am happy to cooperate with Designnest to bring my design to the world.
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