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  • Spin makeup mirror - Spin it as you like !
    18 April, 2018

      $ .

    Funding target
    50 of 200 ( $13200 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Spin it as you like!

      The Spin Makeup mirror: the combination of a makeup mirror, triple magnifier, LED-ring and storage tray, which you can spin to the function you need. The mirror is surrounded by a ring light with adjustable intensity, convenient for when you are applying cosmetics.

    • Nearing Natural Light

      The lighting uses a professional studio-grade LED lamp with a color rendering index of more than 97, making the colors more realistic and vivid. The white natural light color temperature is 6000k, the ideal color temperature for when you are restoring your skin color.

    • Adjustable Brightness

      Adjust light brightness by rotating the knob and experience the conveniences of the memory of the light: It will remember its last setting and revert to the same brightness.

    • Indicator Light

      The indicator light is neatly integrated into the knob. The light is dim at night so that it will not affect your sleep, while still being able to locate. When battery level is low while using the product, the indicator light will flash to indicate that the mirror needs to be charged. The light will pulsate during charging.

    • A single button

      Click one time for light on either side. Double-click for lights on both sides of the mirror. To turn all lights off, just click once again.

    • Storage

      The base has a storage function with a silicone pad on its bottom, which prevents sliding. The additional storage space allows you to free your desk from any clutter.

    • Installation

      The installation is simple, and the product is facilitated by a well-illustrated quick installation guide.

    • Charging

      Spin makeup mirror can be recharged by USB. The mirror can be used for 120 minutes continuously when fully charged.

    • Packaging

      Imported environmentally-friendly kraft paper is used for packaging material and the quick-installation guide is printed on the packaging, to further reducing waste.

    • Brand

    • MUID was founded in 2012 in Xiamen, China. It keeps design at the heart of the company and is committed to provide qualitative and functional products. Currently MUID is focussing on LED products.
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