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  • Alwaysup - A creative timepiece which lives on your wrist
    Yu-Cheng Ku

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    Funding target
    41 of 100 ( $12800 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • A creative timepiece which lives on your wrist

      Alwaysup: My imagination for the issue of time. The top layer of this timepiece can spin freely, but will always face the correct direction - with the 12 at the top when holding vertically. It represents a person who can live a carefree and optimistic life.

    • Details & Structure

      The two layers are have ultra low-friction bearings in between, and a careful weighting of the upper layer will ensure it always will face the correct way.

    • A whole new way to share time

      Thanks to the revolving upper part you can simply spin the clock face to point a different direction when you want to share the time with your friends.

    • Minimal and stylish design

      Match Alwaysup with different styles of outfit, enabling it to express and suit your lifestyle.

    • Designer

    • My name is Yu-Cheng Kuo, I am a designer from Taiwan and I obtained my Industrial Design Bachelor’s degree at the National Cheng Kung University in 2017. I also was an exchange student at the College for Creative Studies for one semester during my senior year. As a designer and a kid who dreams big, my goal is to create a better living experience, and express my attitude towards life.
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