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  • MiniMouse - A tiny yet comfortable mouse

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    • A tiny yet comfortable mouse

      The MiniMouse is a a very small computer mouse that can fits in your pocket, despite of its peculiar size, its comfortable to use. Sometimes, it’s much more comfortable when working on your laptop, to plug a regular mouse than to use the touchpad; but a normal size mouse can be quite big to carry around with the laptop. The MiniMouse solves this inconvenience – it’s tiny so it fits perfectly in any bag or even in a shirt pocket

    • Tiny

      Measuring 3x5x1,5cm (1,2x2x0,5in) the MiniMouse is one of the smallest computer mouse that you can find in the market. Although its small dimensions , it doesn’t sacrifice comfort at the time to use, due to a new design that allow you to hold this mouse almost the same way you would use a traditional one. The shape of the MiniMouse has been designed with comfort in mind. For example the walls have a slight inclination, that accommodates easy and firm to hold of the mouse. The buttons have slight indentations for the fingertips.

    • Bon voyage

      The MiniMouse perfectly fits in a travel bag. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a business trip, vacations or just to enjoy a spring break, the MiniMouse will be there ready to be used. Packing a traditional mouse in a travel bag full of clothes, chargers, cameras and diving fins, can be an unpleasant experience not everybody wants to face. If you don’t have enough space simply put a MiniMouse in your pocket and you will be able to ejony he comfort of using a mouse anywhere.

    • Stylish

      The MiniMouse has different colored button plates. You can choose the one you like the most (or choose a white one and decorate it yourself!). Its minimal aesthetics combines pretty well with most contemporary computers.

    • Cheap

      The design of the MiniMouse is very efficient, so that the manufacturing cost is low, as well as the final price.

    • Designer

    • Hi, my name is Leonid

      I’m a design student of the University of Barcelona; fascinated for object design that can be useful and beautiful at the same time. So in my design process, I try to connect all the parts of an object – its functionality, its aesthetics, its social functions and its price – to elaborate a design that leads to unforgettable experiences in our daily life.
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