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  • Hanging Pro - wall hanger for kitchenwares
    Yi-Chieh Chen, Wen-Hsin Tu, Han-Chuan Yang

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    Funding target
    44 of 200 ( $9990 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Wall hanger for kitchenwares

      New way to store your kitchenware - it places kitchenwares outside of system cabinets, decreases in storing useless kitchenwares, and helps you to quickly find the kitchenware you want. Decorate your kitchen with our beloved kitchenwares, and turn it into a professional one.

    • Form Design

      The special form can stuck the hanger in our special design square tube. Flated shape is steadier than rounded one, like S type hook.

    • Hang It Everywhere

      Hanger can be freely placed wherever you want. It contains the features of slide rails hanger and S type hook, but Hanging Pro is better.

    • Components

      We have a main square tube with two fixed parts, and five types of the hanger for different kitchenwares: normal hanger, pan hanger, soup pot hanger, napkin hanger, and lid hanger.

    • Pan Hanger

      You hang the pan by turning it at 180 degrees. This way, you can not only effectively use the higher space on the wall, but you can also solve the problem that you can never correctly hang on the pan with the little hole on its handle.

    • Other Hanger

      1.Napkin hanger - Use the suitable size of square pipe to create friction so that napkin can easily be tore down. 2.Lid hanger 3.Soup pot hanger - You usually have to spend times finding the right lid to the soup pot because you usually pile them up in different places. Therefore, we decided to hang them together.

    • How to Use

      step 1. Put the end of the hanger into the square tube step 2. Rotate it 90 degrees upward step 3. Done

    • Ideal Arrangement

      You can put the pan on the higher area to save the higher space, and put the soup pot on the lower area to avoid you any arm injury by its heavy weight. There is a temporary area in the left bottom where you can temporarily store your kitchenwares, like a ladle or a pan lid, while you are cooking.

    • Designers

    • Yi-Chieh Chen, Wen-Hsin Tu, Han-Chuan Yang, we are designers from Taiwan, and we obtained our Industrial Design Bachelorˇs degrees at National Cheng Kung University in 2017. We hope our design can create a better lifestyle.
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