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  • Beast - A key ring & phone stand
    Yang Liu
    4 January, 2018

      $ .

    Funding target
    33 of 100 ( $2990 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Key ring & phone stand

      Beast is an original leather accessory: A cute key ring that also works as a phone stand.

    • For different occasions

      Simply pull the jaw out: put your phone on it and enjoy a short video during your free time.

    • High-quality leather

      Beast is made of full-grain leather with a natural cortex texture that feels good in your hands!

    • Designer

    • Yang Liu is a leather lover, so he created his own brand üBEI to design leather products as a part time job. He likes simple and traditional style which are also presented in his products.
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