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  • SNOW MOUNTAIN LAMP - Squeeze! Squeeze!
    26 December, 2017

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    • Squeeze! Squeeze!

      Snow Mountain Lamp is a unique lamp in the shape of a mountain covered with soft and fresh snow. The lamp can be turned On/Off by squeezing in the top of the mountain. It has a high and low brightness level, as well as an energy saving mode.

    • Switch

      The light can be controlled manually by squeezing or simply touching the lamp. No need to look for switches in the dark!

    • Nightlight

      The intelligent mode makes the Snow Mountain Lamp the perfect nightlight.

    • Delay off function

      Turn off the delay off function at night, and turn the switch to 30/60 minutes to set the automatic turn off time.

    • USB-charging

      The lamp has an integrated battery and can easily be charged with its USB cable.

    • Internal battery

      With a single charge you can use the lamp for 15 days if you use it for about 30 minutes a day in energy saving mode. It will last for 6 hours in low brightness mode, and 4 hours in high brightness mode.

    • Materials

      The high-quality silicone feels comfortable and will go back to its original shape no matter how many times you squeeze it.

    • Inspiration

      The sunrises and sunsets at Mt. Fuji are magical, as the light reflects on the snow on top of the mountain. The Snow Mountain Lamp uses high-quality silicone to provide you with this snow-white feeling.

    • Brand

    • MUID was founded in 2012 in Xiamen. It keeps design at the heart of the company and is committed to provide high quality and functional products. Currently MUID is focussing on LED products.
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