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  • NEVE - A minimalistic tape dispenser
    Jara Freund
    31 May, 2018

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    Funding target
    56 of 500 ( $7475 ) target
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    • Unique & elegant design

      Neve is a tape dispenser inspired by a single strip of tape. It is a redesign of the traditional tape dispenser in a unique and beautifully simplistic way. The design breaks down the conventional tape dispenser but achieves the same functionality through a simple manufacturing process out of sheet metal.

    • Simple Manufacturing

      Neve is made out of much less material than common tape dispensers and strikes with little details as the laser-cut logo and the integrated cutting blade. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and durable and feels nice in your hands. In addition, it gives the tape dispenser a little weight. The fluid shape and the teeth give Neve a striking appearance.

    • Anodized metal

      Neve's incredibly minimalistic design is a stylish and functional way to store and dispense your tape. It easily adds a certain charm and sophistication to any workstation and is designed to fit into your everyday life. The tape dispenser is available in four anodized metals that sets an eye catcher to your workspace. You can choose out of black, silver, rosé and gold. The tape dispenser comes with one role of tape.

    • Designer

    • Jara Freund is a driven industrial design student who has a strong focus and is passionate about her work. After her graduation from Highschool, she began to study industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt. Since then, Jara created several award-winning designs and gained valuable experience during internships at established design departments. She is now in her last year in industrial design and will graduate from University College Howest in Belgium in summer 2018.
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