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  • Waterlight - activated Emergency Light
    19 October, 2017

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    • Indispensable Backup In Your Life

      The water-activated emergency light can be used in any environment. As long as there is water, there is light.

    • Working Principle

      Immerse the bottom of the light in water or any other liquid for about 3- 5 seconds. What follows next is a chemical reactions that triggers the light to turn on. The overall reactions are: Mg+O2==MgO2 2Mg+O2==2MgO. After drying the excess water droplets and outer surface, the light is ready to use.

    • Small and Light

      The water-activated emergency light is about the same size as a key. On top of that it’s also extremely light, at only 30g it’s really easy to carry around.

    • Designer

    • WenZhou BOSHANG new energy technology co., LTD was established in June 2016. They focus on new energy light and battery.
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