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  • Bye Bye Fur - Cats' love at first sight

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    • Cats' love at first sight

      Bye Bye Fur is a cat house redesigned in a way that follows classical geometry through minimalist shapes and lines.

    • Elegant design

      Minimalist and elegant appearance: like an art piece it will blend well into your home decoration.

    • Minimalist and squeaky clean solution

      FURRYTAIL initiates the curved shape and silicone tips on FURemover to easily peel off cat hair. Just one swipe with FURemover, get rid of shedding hair in one second.

    • Reuse the box as a playground

      The packaging is exclusive eco-friendly and can even be reused as a fortress for your cat!

    • Designers

    • FURRYTAIL insists on the mutualistic lifestyle between human and pet, redefining pet essentials that blend into your home decor. We specialise in designing and building pet essentials such as cat beds, catnip, cat trees, pet bowls and cat scratching boards, etc.. 80% of our product designers are graduated from top 10 universities all over the world.
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