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  • Cir - Build your creativity with Cir
    Salman Ebrahimi
    1 September, 2017

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    Funding target
    218 of 500 ( $7475 ) target
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    • Cir construction set

      This toy consists of several pieces, each plastic piece is arc-shaped and forms a quarter of a circle. All arcs have the same size and can be connected to one another with three types of connecting pieces. Even though the main building piece is always the same, various shapes can be made, by expanding the structure and adding more circular or spherical features to it.

    • Build your creativity with Cir

      This toy is a collection of arcs of the same size which you can connect by using three different types of connector pieces. This enables you to create a wide variety of different shapes. Playing with it does not require any prior knowledge, so you can immediately start to unleash your creativity!

    • Simple application

      By connecting pieces together new forms are created. You do not know what shape it's supposed to be when you start - the shapes cannot be defined by simple terms as “square”, ‘circle” or “rectangle”. Every time a new shape is created. The technique is creativity through trial and error, which will be very enjoyable for anyone!

    • Making beautiful and amazing shapes

      The Cir caters to everyone: you can make a shape as simple as a circle, but also elaborate complex shaped arcs and mathematical forms. You will learn through failure, triggering your mind to work in all dimensions.

    • Easily connect the parts

      This toy caters to all ages: kids will be able to recognise basic geometric shapes, while adults will be triggered to create more complex shapes and make sure the ends still connect. All ages’ creativity will be unleashed.

    • Designer

    • I am Salman Ebrahimi and I am an Origami Designer. I like to apply the designs I discover in Origami to industrial design and architecture.
      It is important that everyone of us offers a different perspective, so that we can build a different future together. Design is one of the ways to embrace this diversity, and help and improve it.
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