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  • earBeans - World's lightest earphones for best comfort
    Liang Liang
    11 August, 2017

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    • Superior Comfort

      This bean shaped earphone makes it easy to fit into the ear. Unlike the majority of earphones in the market, earBeans offer a crafted contour with silicone material that makes the user experience very pleasing, giving the best comfort.

    • Supporting points

      The earBeans comes with supporting points on the upper and lower part to prevent the earBeans from falling out.

    • Small and light-weight

      EarBeans are the smallest and lightest earphones on the market. Its bean shape makes the earphones fit so easily that they become part of you when you’re wearing them. It fits easily and gives you the best comfort even while sleeping on your ear.

    • Crisp and Clean Sound

      Its built-in micro-speakers deliver astonishing acoustic sound that provides excellent details such as flawless sound.

    • Voice enhanced speaker

      The micro speakers are medical grade speakers, that until now were normallyused in the hearing aids industry. It gives an excellent voice quality.

    • One Size Fits All

      Its ergonomically bean-shaped contour excels and fits most ears. They provide a secure fit and guarantee not falling off.

    • No left and right

      If you're sick and tired of looking for Left and Right printed on your earphones every time you want to put them in, these earphones will be music to your ears. Made to be used on either ear, just place them and be on your way!

    • Sound optimization through in-ear wearing styles

      By putting the earBeans in your ears in different ways, you can create various sound optimization.Normally when we wear earphones, the external sound will be effectively shielded. But when we cross the road, ride bikes, it's risky if we cannot hear outdoors sound. With the earBeans you can change the way of wearing, so the external sound can be passed effectively.

    • Designer

    • earBeans was designed by a designer from Allocacoc. He graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology as an art student, his designs are well thought-out and proportioned, making this plate a nice and yet discrete addition to your facade.
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