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  • LeGrow - The Smart Indoor Garden For Any Space
    Haobin Lin
    12 September, 2018

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    • The Smart Indoor Garden For Any Space

      The LeGrow Smart Garden is a complete indoor garden ecosystem. The garden itself is a modular setup where each individual planter pot acts as a building block.

    • Modular, LEGO®-like Assembly

      The modular shape of our plant pots allows limitless creativity. Make your own unique plant arrangements. Stack them high, spread them out, add additional humidifiers or lamps, and grow a large variety of plants and flowers.

    • LED Grow Lamp

      Our two-bulb LED grow lamp provides nourishing light for a variety of plants. It can be set in 6-hour increments so that your plants get the light they need to flourish. Generating up to 50,000 Lux and with adjustable height makes our lamp perfect for winter growing.

    • 360° Humidifier

      Most plants die due to a lack of moisture in the air. This is particularly problematic with indoor environments when heating and air conditioning is present. Our humidifier distributes moisture 360°, providing necessary water for plant growth. In addition, humidifiers have been shown to help reduce eyestrain, soften skin together with many other health benefits.

    • Quick Charging Pot

      Our Power Pot includes 4 USB ports to power all your USB devices, including a Quick Charge 3.0 port for your smart phone, making this pot ideal for side tables and workspaces.

    • Designer

    • Haobin Lin is the Founder and Chief Designer of Winmart Designs (creator of the LeGrow Smart Garden) and has more than 12 years of industrial design experience. 
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