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  • Salamp - The embodiment of warmth and life energy
    Ihor Havrylenko
    15 March, 2017

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    Funding target
    23 of 100 ( $5795 ) target
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    • Name

      What to call this lamp? When you look at the bottom of the lamp and add a little imagination, you can see the silhouette of a planet. The lower wooden shield is visually very similar to the rings of Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun. The dark lamp housing reminds of the darkness of space. When I saw it, I immediately realized that I would link the name of the lamp with Saturn. That is how SALAMP was named: \"Sa-\" stands for Saturn.

    • The embodiment of warmth and life energy

      Salamp is a modern pendant lamp with a single light source. Its simple and concise shape are the perfect embodiment of modern minimalism. The lamp is not just an object, it is the embodiment of warmth and a good life energy.

    • Material: steel, wood

      Stainless steel is used for creating the main shape. The fastening parts (upper and lower panels) are made of light wood, which has a distinct texture. The lower panel is stretched with linen fabric, which helps the lighting to become more warm and diffuse. The combination of wood and metal also creates a great synergy between warmth and cold.

    • Connection method

      The main criteria I had in mind were: simplicity, restraint and purity. The main shape consists of a cone and straight lines. I tried to combine these two into a silhouette that is massive and light at the same time. That is how I came up with the silhouette of a cone caught on a stick. Besides this it was also inspired by Japanese architecture.

    • Designer

    • My name is Igor Gavrilenko and I am 22. I live in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. I am an architect-designer in one of the best architectural studios of Kiev and studied at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. In my spare time I like to follow new trends in the field of architecture, design and fashion. I'm a big fan of Japanese culture, electronic music and the American era of the 30's and 40's.
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