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  • Qi Lamp - Wireless charging lamp
    OHOM Design
    10 October, 2019

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    • Wireless charging technology

      Wireless charging allows you to charge a device without the need for cables or wires. All you have to do is place your device on the charging pad and it will begin to charge automatically, allowing for a much more elegant and convenient charging experience.

    • Touch sensor controls

      The Qi Lamp is all about convenience. With its well-thought out touch sensor controls, you can simply tap the lamp to set it on/off, choose different light modes, or slide your finger to choose the exact color you like.

    • Handy light modes

      Continuous mode Provides a continuous glow which can be adjusted to your preferred brightness for working, reading, entertaining, etc. Spectrum mode continuously cycles through the full color spectrum, creating a vibrant display that is perfect for mood setting and holiday occasions. Candle mode creates a slow-glow that pulses 12 times per minute. This mode is designed to match the human breathing rate while resting to promote deep breathing and help with relaxation.

    • For emergency

      In case of a power outage or emergency situation, looking for a flashlight in a crowded tool drawer can be frustrating. Well, this is not the case for Qi Lamp. Because Qi Lamp will most likely be on your desktop or charging pad, you can quickly access it when you need it.

    • Compatible with any wireless charger

      The Qi Lamp is compatible with any charging pad you may already own. If you do not have one, we also offer the option of including a 10W Qi Charging Pad which can charge the Qi Lamp and any compatible phones. These charging pads feature fast-charging, a durable aluminum casing, and are available in three classic colors that perfectly match the Qi Lamp.

    • OHOM Design

    • OHOM Design (formerly TWINZ) is an independent design firm located in Los Angeles. We focus on quality home products that are simple, user friendly and innovative. Our goal is to continually design products that help to simplify your busy daily life and bring joyful experience to your home.
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