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  • Jura Anchor for AirPods - Easily attach your AirPods to just about anything
    Patrick O'Neill
    10 October, 2019

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    • Attach your AirPods to anything

      We love our Apple AirPods. Between calls, podcasts and talking to our friend Siri, they are constantly in use. But all this love is meaningless, if we can’t find them. We thought about how we could attach AirPods to the items we carry throughout our day, but couldn’t find what we considered a great solution – so we made it. Introducing Anchor, an innovative carry solution utilizing the Lightning Port to connect your AirPods Charging Case to just about anything.

    • It won't fall off

      Our proprietary connector maximizes Anchor’s attachment strength without doing harm to your AirPods. We have tested, measured and analyzed. In fact, Anchor can support more than 15x the weight of AirPods and Charging Case. Gravity alone will not detach Anchor from your AirPods, swinging forcefully or pulling with intent will.

    • Purposeful, elegant, secure

      Our mission was to deliver a convenient carry solution to complement Apple's design and promote ease-of-use. After thousands of hours of design, prototyping and testing - Anchor was born. Anchor clicks into the Lightning port with a proprietary connector and features high strength composite wings to help prevent side load damage.

    • Different carabiners

      For those looking to personalize, we offer our Anodized Zinc Alloy carabiner in three colorways. Compliment your Anchor to the devices you love in beautiful silver, grey or black. Leave a comment and let us know which other colors you might like!

    • Wireless charging compatible

      No need to remove the Anchor for wireless charging. (Titanium Carabiner shown)

    • Patrick O'Neill

    • I launched the olloclip iPhone camera lens to the world on Kickstarter in 2011. Apple was the first customer after the Kickstarter launch. Olloclip went on to sell millions of lenses to users worldwide who took billions of photos with them. I was Entrepreneur of the year in 2013 and testified before Congress on 3D printing (wearing orange jeans and an orange watch). I have been designing and making computer accessories for over 25 years, and smartphone accessories for the past 15. Steve Jobs is one of my inspirations. He told me to Think Different and I have never stopped.
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