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  • Dalgado Belts & Sneakers - Premium matching minimalist belts and sneakers
    René and Jan Jülicher
    10 October, 2019

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    • Find your perfect match

      Matching shoes and belts is one of the oldest style rules in men's fashion as it gives your outfit the attention to detail. That is why we are introducing our collection of matching minimalist belts and sneakers. So, you'll never have to worry about finding the perfect belt for your sneakers ever again.

    • Timeless minimal design

      We removed all the unnecessary stitching and detailing to emphasize the clean silhouette of the sneakers and let the beautiful leather speak for itself. The same goes for our belts. We got rid of most of the stitching to direct the focus on the lush leathers and sleek buckles. The branding is muted as we believe a product should always be a reflection of who you are and not what the brand is.

    • Handmade of the finest materials

      Out sneakers are handmade in Portgual in a small workshop of revered artisans with decades' worth of experience in crafting premium sneakers. Our French full-grain pebble and velvety Italian suede upper leathers are also used by Europe's most prestigious luxury houses. The soft breathable calf lining leather, removable insole, and stitched-down Italian Margom rubber sole guarantee utmost comfort and durability.

    • The belts

      Our belts are handmade in Germany in a family-owned factory dating back to the early 1900s. Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, the belts are made of the exact same premium leathers as the sneakers guaranteeing a perfect match every time. For extra durability, we use vegetable-tanned full-grain lining leather form the Netherlands. The buckle is made in Italy of high-quality solid brass, the gold standard for luxury belts.

    • Ethical & sustainable production

      Our shoes and belts are handcrafted by passionate artisans in community-orientated family-run workshops where the workers get fairly compensated and treated with the respect they deserve. All of our tanneries are on the forefront of more sustainable and cleaner production procedures and in full compliance with REACH, a European Initiative ensuring environmentally-friendly and safe production and tanning processes.

    • Dalgado

    • Dalgado is a Düsseldorf based accessories brand which was founded by René and Jan Jülicher in 2017. Since then, the brand has made a name for itself by giving belts a modern makeover and making premium table-cut gloves available at honest prices. Now, Dalgado is ready to take the next step.
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