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  • Oru Kayak Inlet - Portable origami folding kayak
    Anton Willis
    10 October, 2019

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    • Time to recreate

      The Inlet makes the water accessible, simple and easy – for everyone. It's designed for flat water, with features to fit paddlers of all ages and experience levels. As of now, we'd recommend max weight capacity topping out around 275lbs and max paddler height around 6'2", depending on individual proportions.

    • Store it, transport it

      Throw a few in the trunk of your car, check one on a plane with nary a glance from the airlines, tuck it under your couch – the world is your tetris! No matter where you live, how much space you do or don’t have, the Inlet fits. To make our point, we’ve done some stash-testing for you. Note: no roof rack pictured.

    • Light as a feather, stiff as a board

      Less material + fewer loose parts + streamlined fold pattern = LESS WEIGHT. This kayak only weighs 20lbs. That’s light enough for paddlers of all ages and muscles sizes to carry, pass, heck – toss this kayak as they please.

    • 3-step assembly

      The IKEA-challenged of you may ask: OK, how hard is it really to assemble? The Inlet has just a few loose components to put in place and only 3 assembly steps. At most, you’ll need 5 minutes to put this kayak together. No sweat, no hex wrenches.

    • New pack

      Because this new model packs up so much smaller than our other kayaks, we redesigned our pack to fit and added some sleek new features. Zip your Inlet into the new pack, clip the padded waist belt, and let your hips carry the easy 20lbs. Free up your hands and hike your boat up narrow rugged trails, down steep steps, or just through the airport with ease.

    • Oru Kayak

    • Our story started when designer and founder Anton Willis moved into a small San Francisco apartment, and had to put his fiberglass kayak into storage. Inspired by an article on recent advances in origami, he started folding paper models of a radical new kayak design. A few years (and many prototypes) later, over 700 amazing Kickstarter supporters helped us launch Oru Kayak. We've since shipped over 15,000 kayaks all over the world. As our team grows, we stay guided by our passion for the outdoors, the simplicity of great design, and the community that has made our company possible. A huge thanks to all the support thus far!
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