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  • Gold Hoop Rod - Glowing electronic lighter
    Taste life
    8 October, 2019

      $ .

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    • Blowing induction

      Gold hoop rod is controlled by air flow. It can be ignited in one blow and extinguished automatically in 5 seconds.

    • Windproof design

      Gold hoop rod has windproof design, and does not use open fire, so that you can light cigarettes safely.

    • Easy to charge

      Gold hoop rod has built-in lithium batteries that can be recharged. It is equipped with USB interface to make charging more convenient.

    • Taste life

    • Taste life was founded to improve people's quality of life, make people feel the joy of life, and find a different side of life. Sticking to principles is Taste Life's constant belief. Every piece of Taste Life's work comes from the most real needs in life.
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