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  • Zubits - Magnetic lacing, never tie laces again!
    Ryan & Valerie Wiens
    1 October, 2019

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    • Fast, simple, magnetic closing

      Just pull the magnets together and close with a click.

    • Amazing strength

      Zubits high-tech magnets are incredibly strong. Really, you won't believe it. They can hold up to 17lbs of force and stay secure for running, parkour, going to the gym, or playing recreational sports. Thanks to Bay Area Movement for the parkour (!

    • Wide open shoes

      Easily slip into wide open shoes. No more squeezing or reversing laces to get in.

    • Pop out hands-free

      Firmly step on your opposite heel and lift ankle to pop out hands-free.

    • Re-use on new shoes

      Buy one pair of Zubits and re-use them on all your new pairs of shoes. The magnets never lose their strength.

    • Shoes become slippers

      With a wide open shoe and no laces dragging on the ground, many people use Zubits closures just like slippers for short use like getting the mail or walking around the campsite.

    • A clean looking shoe

      Lose the floppy bows and get a clean looking shoe. Plus, keep the laces that were designed for your shoes.

    • Ryan & Valerie Wiens

    • In 2012, Ryan & Valerie Wiens started asking if there could be an easier way to put on and take off shoes. Their three boys were their inspiration. They noticed that even velcro shoes took a long time for them to put on. And the cute shoes with laces they bought for their kids just never got worn. So they went about engineering a solution that involved magnets. Working with engineers at a high-tech magnetics engineering company in California, Zubits magnetic shoe closures were born. But as they developed Zubits closures and saw how convenient they were, they realized that everyone could use an easier way to get in and out of shoes… kids, adults, and the elderly.
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