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  • The Cave - Inflatable tent
    29 September, 2019

      $ .

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    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
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    • Just unroll, inflate and welcome home!

      All it takes is a pump and in less than a minute your 2-3 person tent will be pitched. Thanks to its geodesic dome construction with ten crossing points THE CAVE is extremely strong and because it is made from high-quality materials it is weatherproof and durable.

    • Roof design

      The tent's center becomes an additional supporting point. This allows the formation of a star-shaped roof. The result is a point-symmetrical slope that offers five run-offs for rain.

    • Storage space

      Multiple sewn-in bags inside the tent offer space for smaller and bigger items. A vestibule at the entrance provides room for cooking equipment or for your shoes. A detachable gear loft underneath the rooftop offers additional storage space and can be used to put a lamp inside for a diffused atmospheric room light

    • Entrance and ventilation

      Five closable ventilation points and the entrance offer maximum flexibility. They ensure a sufficient air exchange and a good climate inside the tent.

    • Multi chamber safety system

      The excludability of individual chambers offers emergency stabiltiy in case of a defect and ensures easy repair of re-placement of parts of the inflatable Diamond Grid.

    • Heimplanet

    • The journey of HEIMPLANET began in 2003 with the idea for a new tent concept that occurred during a surf trip in Portugal. In 2011 the first inflatable tent THE CAVE was launched. Since then, HEIMPLANET has presented a whole range of innovative tent designs alongside their Monolith luggage series, which focuses on a simple formula – a bag for every trip and everyday. This formula is what the design and development at HEIMPLANET focuses on: we develop products that work in a great variety of surroundings and situations.
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