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  • Inkless forever capacitive pen - To write with forever

    23 September, 2020

      $ .

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    • Ink-free and coreless, pen head can be replaced

      The pen head is made of alloy, which is specially treated and contains very hard material to make it more durable.

    • Handwriting is long-lasting and difficult to deform

      From ancient times till now, many painters have drawn many works with similar metal pens (such as lead) and preserved them completely. Alloy materials avoid many problems such as temperature, comfort and time. Handwriting has been preserved for a long time and is not easy to deform.

    • The tail is also a capacitive pen

      Not only can it be used as a traditional writing and painting tool, but also the function of writing and painting in the digital age is very important.

    • Modern Creative Design

    • A creative design brand from Germany, main business card clip, pen, etc.
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