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  • Jonas - The smart umbrella
    Opus One
    16 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • Overview

      This high quality umbrella is 60 cm length, automatic opening, manual closure, aluminum housing, fiberglass ribs and high-quality fabric in 7 different colors, so far we could be talking about any umbrella, however Jonas has 4 smart features! This umbrella connects to a smartphone through an app over Bluetooth.

    • Weather forecast

      It will even download weekly weather forecast for you, Jonas will display the daily forecast with an LED glow.

    • Preventing loss and theft

      It will give you alerts if you left the umbrella behind and the umbrella will vibrate if you’ve left your phone unattended somewhere.

    • Call and message notification

      You can get incoming call and message notice. So never miss your call!

    • Designers

    • Our goal is to create game changing Electronic Devices with the same type of passion and dedication.
      And we believe our masterworks will help create a whole new life style for the connected world.
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