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  • Heng Balance Lamp - Switch in mid-air
    Li Zanwen
    20 September, 2016

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    • Switching the light in mid-air

      “Heng Balance Lamp” is a series of desk lamps with a twist: where most lamps have a standard switch the Heng Balance Lamp is controlled by two wooden balls. When you lift the lower wooden ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light.

    • Versatile

      This creative small lamp is suitable for the study, bedroom, etc. Most types of rooms will benefit from this lamp, as besides a source of light it is also a piece of art.

    • Design

      We adopted a design where the lighting element is embedded into the frame so the light can find its way out. The gentle curve makes it easy to the eye and calming.

    • Materials

      The outside frame of the lamp is made of beech, making it natural and warm to the touch. We wanted to let you feel close to nature, that is why we selected high quality wood.

    MSRP can vary by market, as importation taxation and sales tax varies from market to market.

    Expected delivery date: February.

    (NOTE:We do NOT provide Adaptor for Online market.)


    Introducing the HENG Balance Lamp

    Fits in your bedroom...

    Fits in your bedroom...

    ...Giving you a warm feeling...

    ...Giving you a warm feeling...

    ...or at your working space!

    ...or at your working space!

    After doing some research our HENG is featured in all kinds of media. The list is very long...We are thanking all the media for their

    nice article and featuring us on their website!

    HENG lamp has a switch structure of two balls inside the wooden frames with embedded magnets. By moving them, these magnets

    will attract one another, thereby triggering the switch.

    It's a new and interactive way to brighten up your room!

    The two balls are the switches of the lamps. By lifting the lower ball up, it will draw the two balls together with each other's magnets

    inside. First they will flow in the air and when they reach a balance, the light will switch on.

    Using the HENG will bring a fun, innovative and interactive twist to your life!

    The HENG lamp has an attractive curved design, it creates the illusion of light passing through the wooden structure.

    The most magical element of this lamp would be the switch. Two wooden balls function as the light switch. Once you pick up the

    lower ball and put it near the upper one, the two balls will find a balance and levitate in the middle of the lamp. Once the balance

    is reached, the lamp switches on.

    The design has an easy structure, which makes it easy for volume production. HENG is already in the prototype stage and will be

    ready to be brought into the market.

    Because we want you to feel close to nature, we selected high-quality wood to manufacture the Heng Lamp. This will give a warm

    and natural appearance and is suitable for all types of rooms, like study, bedroom and living room.

    • Designer

    • Li Zanwen won the 2016 Red Dot Award and the Red Dot Award Best of the Best. He feels that imagination is the secret of a steady stream of inspiration.
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